The Rule Of Law – John Lescroart


I was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

Dismas Hardy and his colleagues are preparing to resurrect their old law firm now that contender Ron Jameson has recently unseated Wes Farrell and assumed the role of District Attorney for the California district. Jameson, in assuming the office, has started a very regimented administration, quite unlike the relaxed office of Farrell, and seems to have it in for Dis and his colleagues.

Phyllis, Dis’s secretary and longtime employee has been missing work with little explanation and this has Dis worried. Suddenly, she’s arrested by the DA’s office for accessory to murder, and Dis immediately steps up to defend her, and learns some very interesting information about his quiet, reliable secretary.

Meanwhile the alleged shooter, a young immigrant girl, supposedly commits suicide in prison, allowing the DA to close the case in triumph. But the homicide inspectors investing the case aren’t quite sure it was that simple – and they’re not quite sure about the new DA either. One of them suspects he is a killer.

Thus begins the newest thriller with Dis at the helm, as he and his team attempt to investigate the possibility that Jameson was part of a homicide several years ago, while trying to vindicate Phyllis from a trumped up charge. Meanwhile Jameson and his team work just as hard to bring Dis & Wes’s alleged misdeeds to light, culminating in an surprising sequence of events that will leave you shaking your head and asking for more!

This book does a nice job of tying up some loose ends from prior Dis Hardy adventures, as well as illustrating the sanctuary city of San Francisco, and how a modern-day underground railroad works to assist immigrants to safety. Whether you’re a fan of Dis, or you pick this book up as a standalone, it is a great read!!

The Promise – Teresa Driscoll


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.
Back in a private religious boarding school, teenagers, best friends & roommates Beth, Sally & Carol are unwitting accomplices in a death. Not knowing what else to do, they cover it up as best they can, and promise to never say another word to anyone about the events of that fateful night.

Years later, each have their own lives – Beth is happily married with two children, and she remains close with Sally, who is having relationship struggles of her own. Carol, however, for reasons unknown, has distanced herself from the group, partially due to her relationship with a world traveling businessman. And then the girls receive letters that their old boarding school is going to be sold and demolished – with the real potential of exposing a secret many years old.

As the girls search for Carol, in a desperate attempt to ensure that the promise isn’t broken, they also endeavor to protect the events of that night at all costs. As Carol is located and brought unwillingly into the fold with secrets of her own, strange things start to happen. Beth receives warnings in her email and via Facebook, and her husband is badly injured by a hit and run driver. But no one else knew of the long ago events of that night…or did they??

Told in past and present glimpses into the lives of these three women, their story gradually comes to light and just when you think you understand the events of that long ago night….another curveball or three are tossed in that have you frantically turning the pages to get to the very last page! This one kept me up well into the night. A great read from Teresa Driscoll!!