Can’t Go Back – Debra Webb   

This is the third and reportedly final installment of a trio of novels featuring Birmingham Detectives Kerri Devlin & Luke Falco – however I for one, certainly hope the author reconsiders and extends this series – I think they could easily become as popular as Catherine Coulter’s Savich & Sherlock!

Kerri & Luke have made their close working relationship more personal and are together when they receive a call from The Chief of Police asking them to stop whatever case they’re working on and meet him at a scene.  Upon arriving, they learn that the Chief’s god-daughter Allison, and her child have died in a house fire, that appears to have been deliberately set. Allison’s husband Logan, a deep undercover officer, was found injured at the scene and has been hospitalized.  Much to Kerri & Luke’s surprise, he immediately takes full responsibility for his family’s deaths, and insists on being charged with the murders, despite evidence to the contrary…but why? And why are surviving family members refusing to provide insight into the struggles that Logan and Allison were having?

Luke, a former undercover officer himself who’s struggled to put those days behind him, now finds himself unwillingly reliving past events, as he and Kerri look to Logan’s work as a possible motive in these deaths.  As more and more information comes to light, Luke’s nightmares begin to make him question his recollection of past events. 

As the duo dig deeper to clear one of their own, the past and present collide in very unexpected ways – leaving the reader with a very surprising, if not a bit farfetched, and satisfying ending! A good, suspenseful read, a great series, and again, characters that I would LOVE to see more of! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Thomas & Mercer in exchange for an objective review.