Darkness Falls – Robert Bryndza

PI Kate Marshall, with the help of assistant Tristan, is just settling in to run her new inheritance – a caravan park – complete with a small office area to run their new detective agency, when she receives a call from a woman named Bev Ellis. Bev desperately wants to learn what ultimately happened to her daughter, and up and coming journalist named Joanna Duncan, who seemingly vanished 12 years ago. No trace of her was ever found, and Bev is hoping that a new look might unearth some information. 

Eager for some work, Kate and Tristan meet with Bev, where they are surprised with the whole case file from her original disappearance. As the case was declared inactive, Bev’s significant other was able to procure the files for a short-term review, as he too seems desperate to help Bev find peace. Kate and Tristan begin their investigation by reviewing the stories that Jo was working on at the time of her disappearance, one of which involved a high-level official who was soliciting young men for sex. A box of Jo’s belongings inadvertently yields a clue – two men’s names are discernible in the lid of the box, along with a phone number. 

As Kate and Ethan start to dig, they learn that both men, also known to frequent gay bars and the like, are also missing, and have been for quite some time. As the duo continue to investigate, they find a common theme of events, as well as some familiar names, including one who left the scene years ago. When a new victim is found, it appears a serial killer may still be at play… Can Kate and Ethan find Joanna’s killer before he finds them? 

Set in Western England, and to my absolute delight, it is the third of a series written by Robert Bryndza, so I have some catching up to do! A great who-dun-it, with a down-to-earth, imperfect protagonist, and an intriguing mystery that will capture your interest on the first page, and keep you flipping those pages until the last is turned. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Thomas & Mercer, in exchange for an objective review.