Count To Three – TJ Ragan

Dani Callahan is a local Private Investigator who is haunted by her own unsolved case – the disappearance of her young daughter, Tinsley, who was abducted from her school five years ago. Although the police were never able to identify any leads in Tinsley’s disappearance, Dani has never stopped looking for her daughter.  Her assistant, Quinn Sullivan, a young woman who’s devoted to Dani after suffering her own losses, has also spent the last few years helping Dani with her search, as well as her own. Quinn’s mother similarly disappeared several years ago, never to be seen or heard from again. As part of their search for answers, they’ve tracked every missing person in their area – including a new presumed runaway, named Ali Cross. 

A young boy soon shows up at Dani’s office asking for help. He relates that while riding his bike one afternoon, he saw a man force a young girl into a van, and that she appeared terrified when she met his eyes. When the police could find no evidence of the abduction, he turned to Dani & Quinn for help. In discussing this development with her contact in the PD, Dani learns that Ethan has a tendency to lie and steal, and that no evidence was found to support his statement. But Dani & Quinn believe him and continue to investigate on their own.

The reader also is given glimpses into Ali’s ordeal, which provides a strong sense of urgency as you delve deeper into the story. A chance attack at Dani’s office, also serves to convince Dani & Quinn that they are on the right track.  As Dani cleans up the mess that the intruder made of things, she finds some pictures from the past, that prompt some new questions. 

Meanwhile Ali’s attacker, now aware that he was seen, sets out to do damage control and eliminate the 12-year-old witness, as he prepares Ali for his mother’s visit, and assures Ali he will never let her go…

This was a thrilling, suspenseful read, as I’ve come to expect from Theresa Ragan! I was sucked in from the first page and couldn’t put it down. I love these empowered new female characters, and although I saw nothing to indicate this may be a new series start, I would surely love to see more of Dani & Quinn! 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from #Netgalley & Thomas & Mercer, in exchange for an objective review.