Missing Molly – a good read!

Missing Molly – Natalie Barelli


Rachel Holloway is living an idyllic life in England – she has a beautiful daughter, Grace, and a sweet man by her side that she hopes to one day marry. She is employed as a book keeper for a small newspaper and seems very content with her life.

But, Rachel has a secret. She once was known as Molly Forester, before a monster came and killed her entire family, with her barely escaping the killer’s clutches. Alone, and afraid for her safety, she took to the streets and learned the tricks of survival. And she learned how to gain a new identity.

Now, the newspaper is in dire straits financially, and the small group of employees seek to find a way to regain notoriety, and to save their fledgling newspaper. To Rachel’s horror, her colleagues decide to create a podcast based on Molly Forrester and the fact that she remains missing after the slaughter of her family. Rachel attempts to dissuade her colleagues, but to no avail. As the podcast progresses, Rachel/Molly once again finds her life in upheaval as old wounds are re-opened and new details emerge. Her old nemesis returns, she suffers a breakdown. and once again finds herself in the fight for her life…and the life of her daughter.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and found it hard to put down. As the story progresses, you catch glimpses into the past and learn what really happened to Molly and her family all those years ago. I would highly recommend for those looking for a cozy afternoon read, and I will definitely seek out other novels by this author!