Shattered Mirror – Iris Johansen

Shattered Mirror – Iris Johansen

I received this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.


Eve Duncan is back in her 23rd novel, as a mysterious gold wrapped box is left on the seat of Joe Quinn’s jeep. After carefully extracting the package and ensuring it’s not explosive, Joe opens the box to find a two faced mirror – with one side intact and the other broken. Beneath the mirror, there is a skull, charred from fire, but with a bullet hole evident. As he explores the property, he finds evidence that someone has been trespassing, and presumably surveilling the area.
As Eve starts to prep the skull for reconstruction, her son Michael, only six years old, but already displaying signs of a sixth sense intuition, suggests that the skull be named Sylvie.

Meanwhile, adopted prodigy Cara is in New York City, getting ready to head to Connecticut for a concert with roommate and best friend Darcy. Although very few know that she is the granddaughter of Sergei Kaskov, Jock Gavin comes back into her life to tell her she’s been shadowed, and he steps in to protect her. When she is attacked, and nearly killed, both she and room mate Darcy head to Atlanta to stay with Eve and Joe.

Meanwhile, Eve has just about completed the reconstruction of the skull, when Michael comes to look at it, and tells her that the eye color is wrong – they should be blue. And when Cara and Darcy arrive, Eve realizes that the skull is an exact duplicate of Darcy – and Darcy has a twin named Sylvia.
And so the next adventure in the Eve Duncan series begins, as Eve, Joe, Cara, Darcy and Jock search for answers in this seemingly complex puzzle, where lives are in danger, no one is safe, and uneasy alliances are made in an effort to save the lives of those they love.

From the lakes of Atlanta, to the bayous of Louisiana, this novel is packed with non-stop action! Much like the first Eve Duncan novel, written 20 years ago, and all the others since, I could NOT put it down!