Darkest Night – Tara Thomas

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Yet another book to write about – this one is along the lines of mystery/romance/suspense, along the lines of a Harlequin INtrigue. I quite enjoyed it and I hope you will too!!

Darkest Night – Tara Thomas


The Benedict brothers are the heirs apparent to the large shipping company bequeathed to them by their father. Set in beautiful Charleston, SC, the company is prosperous, the family is Charleston royalty, and the youngest of the three, Keaton Benedict, has graduated from college and is expected to take his place within the company.

Tilly Brock was once a neighbor and close friend of Keaton Benedict, until false accusations of embezzlement left her father in disgrace and her family exiled from Charleston society. Now, with both of her parents gone, Tilly is working in an adult night club, as she puts herself through, school, in hopes of realizing her dream of becoming a teacher.

In an off chance, Keaton visits the night club, and spots Tilly out of the corner of his eye. As he realizes who she is, the past comes rushing back, and they realize they’re getting a second chance at love.

Meanwhile, someone wants to bring the Benedict family down. Known only as the Gentleman, he methodically kills those close to Tilly, with hints of her being the presumed end-game. And a young woman from another well-to-do Charleston family, Elise, has her eyes set on Keaton and his fortune, and will stop at nothing to ensure she becomes his bride.

This book will keep you turning pages as you cheer on Tilly and Keaton! However, there are unanswered questions and mystery abounds as the novel ends, leaving you in anticipation for books 2 & 3!

This is the first book I’ve ever read by author Tara Thomas, but it will not be my last!

The Great Alone – Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone – Kristin Hannah

I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an objective review…

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Lenora Allbright is a pre-pubescent ‘tween’ in 1974 when her war veteran father makes an impromptu decision to move the family to Alaska. After losing yet another job, the PTSD ridden Ernt receives a letter from the father of a deceased military buddy offering him his sons’ home and land in the last frontier state. They pack their meager belongings and head to rural Kaneq, AK, where they quickly learn that Alaska is another world all together.

A small town with no electricity and none of the modern conveniences, Kaneq is full of colorful characters who quickly welcome the Allbrights into their midst. There’s Large Marge, who left behind a life as an attorney, and runs the towns market. There’s Mad Earl, the town eccentric, and Thomas Walker, who’s family once founded Kaneq, and whom Ernt rapidly comes to resent, and the lovable Thelma.

As summer gradually gives way to fall and into the long, dark Alaskan winter, Ernt becomes more and more irrational, planning for events that don’t come, and pitting himself against the whole town. He takes out his fears and frustration on wife Cora, while Leni does her best to protect her. However, Leni becomes close to Matthew Walker, Tom’s son, and Ernt refuses to allow the relationship to continue. But continue it does, and Leni finds herself in an impossible position – run away with the man she loves, or remain at home and attempt to protect her mother from an increasingly abusive and volatile situation?

When an attempt to run results in a serious accident that threatens Matthews life, Leni must remain home to safeguard her mother. On a dark winters night, violence flares once again, leaving Leni and Cora having to flee the land they’ve come to call home, and the man that Leni loves …

I LOVED this book, and like most of Kristin Hannah’s novels, it really resonated with me. I don’t believe I’ve ever made it through one of her books without tears – and this one is no different!! A must-read for Hannah fans, and for anyone looking for heartwarming characters, descriptive and colorful writing, and a story you’ll remember long after you put the book down!

Also, Alaska has just moved way up on my ‘bucket list’ of places I need to see!