Low Lake – Gretta Mulrooney

Low Lake – Gretta Mulrooney


Set in Great Britain, this novel stars former detective turned P.I. Tyrone Swift, who is asked by a friend to investigate the death of Kim Woodville, a young woman who reportedly drowned in a lake on her family’s property. The police had ruled it accidental, as the victim had a history of epilepsy, and it was presumed a seizure had caused her to drown. However, Kim was deathly afraid of water. As a child, her mother had tried to drown her, and she’d had a great fear of water since then. Intrigued, Tyrone accepts the case.

As he delves into the case and begins to explore Kim’s history, he realizes that there she was a complex individual. Raised in a less than loving environment after her mother was imprisoned, Kim was reportedly revered by some, hated by others, and Tyrone gets conflicting views on the type of person she really was. Even her own mother appears disinterested and only wants to gain from providing information.

We also learn some of Ty’s back story as well, and meet his disabled daughter, with whom has seems to have a wonderful relationship!

As the case continues, there is another death and more twists and suspenseful events that I did not see coming, and kept me guessing right up till the end! I’d like to say more, but even eluding to things would be a giveaway and take away from the novel.

I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the earlier Tyrone Swift novels and will be waiting anxiously for more!!.