Somebody’s Daughter – Rochelle B. Weinstein

Somebody’s Daughter – Rochelle B. Weinstein


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

I don’t know where to start – this book was wonderful!!

Bobby & Emma Ross are the parents of two teenaged twin daughters, Lily & Zoe. Living in a luxury hotel that they own, they are considered one of Miami’s premier families. A deep and abiding love for one another, a secure business, a hotel staff that adores them, a magazine article and cover photos in the works, and a big birthday party planned for the twins 15h birthday – life has never been better.

Then, as a bunch of teens gather for an overnight stay to celebrate the twins 15th birthday, Emma overhears a gasp of horror, and teens murmuring as they glance at a cell phone. She hears the words, “That’s not Lily, it’s Zoe”.

Thus begins a nightmare for the Ross family, as they learn of, and begin to deal with the aftermath of a bad decision and a video gone viral. As Emma struggles to understand and support her daughter, she is haunted by memories of her own youth, and a decision she made that continues to impact her world today.

This is a novel about family, love, shame, revenge, humility acceptance, and forgiveness. It was an amazing read and I could not put it down! It will resonate with you long after the final page is turned! My next to-do is to read the rest of Rochelle B. Weinstein’s work! Fabulous!!