Past Tense – Lee Child

Past Tense – Lee Child


I was fortunate to receive this novel from as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.
I have never read a Reacher book that I didn’t like, and this awesome new adventure is no exception!

Jack Reacher is presently in Maine, and it looking to head to southern California for the winter, via hitchhiking or whatever means he comes across. As he accepts a ride from a nice individual heading to Boston, he notices a sign along the way for Laconia, New Hampshire. Family lore says his father was from there, and Jack decides to head that way to see what he can learn about his little known paternal family.

Meanwhile, Shorty Fleck and Patty Sundstrom have left their hometown in Canada and are on the road to Florida in search of an idyllic life on the beach. Their old Honda is over-heating and they stop at a small out of the way hotel in Laconia, New Hampshire. The proprietors are welcoming, and the two are given a newly refurbished room. But the next morning, their car won’t start, and the phones are dead. There’s no cell service. And then strange things start to happen…

As with every novel by Lee Child, I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! The Jack Reacher character just drags me in every time. Part wandering vagabond, part old military cop, and part ruthless avenging angel for the greater good, Reacher is unique, intriguing, and just plain awesome. A must-read for Reacher fans everywhere, and a fabulous first introduction to readers who haven’t yet met Jack!

Coming November 5th!!