Storm Rising – Sara Driscoll


I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Meg Jennings is a retired cop, and now a member of the FBI’s Human Scent Evidence Team, along with her beloved canine, Hawk, a black lab. She is preparing for deployment to Virginia Beach to search for survivors after a deadly hurricane ravaged the eastern seaboard, causing devastating flooding in it’s wake. Her firefighter/paramedic boyfriend Todd Webb will also be making the journey to assist local departments there.

As the searches commence, it quickly becomes apparent that survivors are few and far between. Traveling between assignments, Meg & Webb happen upon a submerged van in a river. When they stop to investigate, they find two young girls, both deceased, and both restrained so they couldn’t escape. A missing restraint gives them hope that there are survivors, and Hawk catches a scent, leading Meg to Mary and Emma.

As they work on getting the girls to safety, a harrowing story emerges, and the FBI assembles a team – including Meg & Hawk – to catch the men that were holding the girl’s captive. As the investigation heats up, it becomes readily apparent that this human trafficking group is bigger than they ever expected. Can Meg, Hawk and the rest of the team take them down??

An engrossing, exciting, action-packed read! I loved the characters, the story, and especially Hawk the dog!! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Meg Jennings’ series!!