The Orchid Girls – Lesley Sanderson

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I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review

Molly, Grace and Charlene were three teen-aged friends, who, by all reports, were inseparable. One day, in 2002, allegedly after an argument, they separated, and one of the girls was never seen alive again. The missing girl was eventually found deceased, but no killer was ever brought to justice.

Flash forward to present day, Grace Sutherland is awakened by her cell phone, and the caller sounds very familiar. But that was another life for Grace, and she hangs up the phone after muttering ‘wrong number’. Wife to an aspiring politician, Grace is on the cusp of her own success, as a nutritionist made famous via Instagram and an impending book release.

Molly, the other surviving member of the teenaged threesome, is a bad alcoholic, who has decided to reach out to Grace after all these years. After the loss of Charlene, the girls were prevented from seeing one another by their parents, and Molly remains distraught that Grace had not once answered any of her letters. After all this time she wants answers – what really happened that day, and what happened to their love for one another??

As the story progresses it’s told in both past and present tense, with journal entries for each of the girls filling in the backstory a bit at a time. Much of the story is fairly predictable, at least you’ll think it is….but the ending was quite unexpected.

A great, suspenseful read from a promising new author! I look forward to more from Ms. Sanderson!!