A Merciful Fate – Kendra Elliot


I received this advance reader copy of the book from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.

A fabulous new book in the Mercy Fitzpatrick series.

Mercy Kilpatrick & Truman Dalys’ lives had just settled down again, when rescued teen, Ollie, stumbles upon a shack deep in the woods with human remains in it, with the appearance of an old murder. As they await ID of the body, old money bags are found at the scene, and Mercy wonders if somehow Ollie has inadvertently discovered a clue in a long unsolved armored car robbery many years ago. One of the robbers had been caught and sentenced to prison, but the others had long escaped and were never seen again….till now.

Meanwhile, two long time residents of Eagles Nest are dealing with issues of their own. Sandy Foster, owner of the local bed and breakfast, has had several episodes of vandalism to her property – the latest a broken window to a clients car, and school teacher Bree Ingram has founse several spray painted ‘x’s on her horses stalls and her truck. Neither woman has any idea as to who may be targeting them.

As Mercy and Truman re-open a long gone cold case, they request help from the now retired agent who had once led the investigation. Meanwhile, Mercy visits the presumed ringleader of the robbery in prison, and comes back with more questions than answers. As the investigation ensues, a young reporter is killed…leading Mercy and Truman deeper into the past, and ultimately to the present, where nothing will ever be the same.

I loved this book, and I absolutely love the Mercy Kilpatrick series. A great series for any mystery lover, with likeable characters, fast paced storytelling, and enough intrigue to keep you reading well into the night!!