The Younger Wife – Sally Hepworth


his was my first ever novel by Sally Hepworth – and boy, oh boy, can I say that it will not be my last!!

Stephen Aston, a renowned and revered surgeon, meets the love of his life in young Heather Wisher, a woman half his age, and has decided it’s time for her to meet his adult daughters Rachel and Tully.  Still reeling over their father’s new love interest, especially with their mother, Pamela, recently placed in memory care due to dementia, the last thing Rachel or Tully want to do is meet Heather for lunch. Over their meal, the three women meet and attempt to engage in small talk, trying to find some common ground, before Stephen startles his girls with an announcement. 

As Rachel and Tully attempt to accept Heather into their lives, they find that it enriches their own relationship as well, having grown apart as adults. Each with their own lives and secrets that they’ve held for so long, the sisters find common ground as they struggle with these changes to their family. Heather, too, has a past she would rather forget, even as it influences her perceptions of things in the present.  And Pamela, despite her dementia, appears to have some secrets of her own, which exhibit themselves in short outbursts, jumbled memories – and an unexpected find hidden in an old water bottle – but what was it meant for? As Rachel, Tully & Heather begin to form a friendship, and the wedding grows closer, the reader will find themselves asking – is Stephen the doting husband and father that he seems to be? Or is he something else altogether? 

Told from the varying perspectives of Rachel, Tully & Heather, this book is impossible to put down, left me feeling a bit unsettled as I turned the last page – and continues to resonate even now…

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley & St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit and start reviewing books today!!