Watch Her Disappear – Lisa Regan

It’s prom night in Denton, Pennsylvania, and Josie Quinn and her team are gearing up for the usual post-prom exploits to start. But before the shenanigans can even begin, the body of a teen aged girl, dressed for prom, is found dead in the back of the high school. As Josie, Noah and the team secure the scene and question the prom-goers, no one knows who the girl is – and no one who bought tickets for entry is missing. 

When the medical examiner gets her on the table, she discovers a single stab wound to the girl’s inner thigh, which severed the femoral artery.  She also finds a lock of hair missing and some superficial incisions, but nothing to indicate who the teen is or why she appeared at the prom when she did. No surrounding schools have a missing prom attendee either…yet Josie is sure the girl looks familiar, somehow. They finally identify her – she had been reported missing 4 months ago. 

Chief Chitwood is unusually terse through the beginning stages of the investigation. Shortly after they identify the teen, he pulls Josie aside, insisting she come with him, but saying little more. When they arrive at his home, he tells Josie the story of his sister, Kelsey – who disappeared in similar circumstances only to be found dead – over 25 years ago. The case has haunted him for all this time, and this new death has opened the old wounds of losing Kelsey – and there are similarities that can’t be ignored – the girls were all found dead on their 16th birthday.  

Josie takes this new information back to the team with the suspicion that whoever they’re looking for has possibly been killing for a very long time. A visit with Chitwood’s father, a corrupt cop back in the day, yields little information, but his old partner is able to add some insight into the old investigation, although he had his own difficulties under Chitwood Sr’s command.  

Josie and her team rush to put the pieces together, both past and present, as another missing teen’s birthday looms near…but can they find the key to break this case wide open before another teen turns up dead? 

I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again, and again I’m sure – I just cannot get enough of Josie Quinn!!  I was riveted from the start, devoured the book in one sitting, and now anxiously await the next adventure! And just as importantly – if you read as voraciously as I do – Lisa Regan gets these books out in record time! I never have too long a wait for a new novel to appear.  Love, love, LOVE this series!!  

Available from your favorite bookseller on April 12th!

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley & Bookouture in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit and start reviewing books today!!