No Way Back – TJ Brearton

FBI Special Agent Shannon Ames has just transferred to the NY Office of the FBI, along with her most trusted colleagues, Charles Bufort & Jenna Reese. Shortly after team introductions are made, she is summoned to ADIC Tyler’s office, where they’re handed a priority case. A congressional aide to a NY State Senator has gone missing, after never making it home to DC from NY City. 

Kristie Fain was walking from her boyfriend’s apartment to Penn station when she is grabbed by two men and tossed into a van. The only evidence that something is amiss is a text she sent to her roommate about being followed.  As they start their investigation, a visit to the apartment she shares with her boyfriend Mateo, leaves them with more questions than answers, as he’s claiming to have just been assaulted by someone claiming to be police.  

As they re-trace her schedule, they learn that she was involved in a big dollar fundraiser for the senator prior to her disappearance. A visit to the hotel where the event, took place creates a more perplexing problem as they learn that the business has suffered a ransomware attack, and all the video from that night is encrypted and inaccessible.  Did something happen that night to provoke her kidnapping? 

A visit to the Senator’s office yields little. The fundraiser was touted as a success, with nothing out of the ordinary happening. Likewise, her roommate in DC, Rachel, has nothing significant to add, other than the fact that Kristie was planning to break up with Mateo. Attempts to ping her phone show it’s last position, where it was presumably discarded. Camera footage from NYPD, and a bystander give them their first glimpse of Kristie’s kidnappers – and a renewed sense of dread for Shannon and her team. 

As Shannon and her team frantically search for the identity of Kristie’s captors, the Senator has his own secret – one that might destroy his career – and Kristie’s life hangs in the balance…

This is my second Shannon Ames novel, and it will not be my last! She’s a strong, gutsy likeable character – and this is a thrilling who-dun-it that keeps you guessing, with an interesting look into the (fictional) gritty political world and its machinations, and the lengths some are willing to go, just to secure a vote. 

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley & Inkubator Books in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit and start reviewing books today!!