Running In The Dark – Sam Reaves

Running In The Dark – Sam Reaves


Leaving the crowds of Manhattan after a relationship goes sour and tragic events unfold, Abigail finds herself in the middle of small town Indiana, prepared to begin a collegiate teaching career in mathematics. She settles in to an apartment rented to her by the enigmatic Ned, and begins calculus instruction at the nearby university. While going out for a run one night, she witnesses a murder disguised as a car accident – and she notices a man in the woods watching, who smiles at her before he turns to walk deeper into the woods, unnerving her. Additionally, a student begins to make unwanted advances on Abby, leaving her very unsettled. As tensions mount, Abby attempts to assist the police in identifying the man she saw, additional deaths occur, Abby feels as if someone is watching, and she finds herself in the crosshairs of an unknown adversary…

I enjoyed this book, although it did seem to move a bit slow for me at times. The characters were engaging, the story was realistic and the ultimate perpetrator was a surprise to me, although in hindsight, I should have guessed who it would be. A good book for anyone looking for a mellow mystery/adventure read. I will be reading more from Sam Reaves in the future!

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