Second Chances – Rachel Cullen

Second Chances – Rachel Cullen


I was fortunate to receive this novel as an Advance Reader Copy, in exchange for an objective review.

Set in Manhattan and suburbs, this is the story of four different women who are trying to make their way in a crazy world. We first meet Michelle, who in a moment of anger/despair, walks out on her husband and children, for reasons not yet known to us, and isolates herself in a small apartment. We then meet Danielle, a newly divorced and now single Mom to a newborn, who’s father wants nothing to do with her. She’s all alone and frantically trying to manage a screaming baby. We meet Sabrina, Danielle’s friend, who works in a sales venue, which has her traveling frequently, having one-night stands with men, who seems to shy away from any commitment, but suddenly finds herself in a compromising situation that threatens everything. Then we meet Megan, daughter of Danielle’s ex-husband; she’s 15 years old, and struggling with the autocratic ways of her father.

As the novel progresses, these women’s lives all merge – each chapter detailing a different character and her story, as each individual struggles with betrayal, hope, self-confidence, and self-worth, as they make the most of their situations and attempt to find their happy-ever-after’s.

I truly enjoyed this book! It is a sweet story, one suitable for the beach or rainy day, with thoroughly engrossing characters, scenarios and situations that we can all likely relate to! A wonderful read!! Thank you Ms. Cullen! I loved Second Chances!!

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